/ WORKSHOPS 16.05.2015

Inauguration workshops, 16th of May 2015, Pauza in Garden, Małopolska Garden of Arts – Nearly 70 people participated in the opening of Superścieżka project; among them there were also media representatives. The workshops started with short lectures – a Vice President of Cracow Tadeusz Trzmiel declared the city’s support of the project. Architects: Romuald Loegler and Małgorzata Tujko raised the issue of placemaking – creating interesting places with simple and convenient solutions, available for every inhabitant. After the official opening, the participants got involved into work in groups. One of the primary needs of the Cracow inhabitants was to introduce new functions to the pedestrian and bicycle route on the east side of Powstania Warszawskiego avenue. Although the participants differed from each other in terms of age, needs, experience and imagination, their team work led to an idea matrix that would help to redefine the designed part of the city.

Among functional issues, the participants mainly listed: disassembling the noise barriers and lowering the sound by creating natural barriers; transforming the fort ruins (near Mogilskie roundabout) into an art space; creating sports and recreation area on the premises of Krakowski Szkolny Ośrodek Sportowy (Cracow School Sports Centre). Regardless of tutors’ suggestions, all participants wanted to make functional and modern street furniture that would blend into the office area. Many remarks also considered the revitalisation of the area after office hours by combining certain functions: an asphalt car park could become a skate park and Lubicz fort – an amphitheatre for an open-air cinema. There were also interesting ideas that considered the enhancement of visual identification: from making it consistent by using the same materials along the whole path, to making a “gallery” of earthworks, sculptures or mounds that would not only separate the path from the thoroughfare but they would also provide an artistic value. The participants called for colour and life and for carrying out multi-seasonal projects (e.g. a pond that would turn into a skating rink in winter) as well as for those that would meet the need of every generation.