/ WORKSHOPS 23.05.2015

Workshops, 23rd of May 2015, Pauza in Garden, Małopolska Garden of Arts – Nearly 70 people also participated in the second workshops. There were a few new participants so the tutors, and those who participated in the first workshops, described the outcome of the first meeting and briefly explained the general idea of Superścieżka. After an official summary of the previous workshops, the groups started their projects. Imagination, stirred by original and existing solutions from abroad, was balanced by experience and traditions presented by older inhabitants of Grzegórzki. Lively discussions finally resulted in emerging several leading concepts.

The inhabitants talked about the real problems that occur in the area – Superścieżka is supposed to answer them. Besides the ideas that were common to all groups – more green areas, water and colour, a footbridge linking both sides of the street, playground for children and adults, small catering outlets, bicycle stations and street furniture – there were also more ”sophisticated” ones. A silence zone, book-crossing, temporary reading room, sundials, laptop power stations, musical stairs – these are only a few ideas that would revitalise the area.