/ WORKSHOPS 30.05.2015

Open-air workshops, 30th of May 2015, Krakowski Szkolny Ośrodek Sportowy (KSOS) – Nearly 50 people took part in the third, open-air workshop meeting. On the premises of Krakowski Szkolny Ośrodek Sportowy , the participants had the pleasure to meet the school’s headmaster Zdzisław Tracz who asked to take into account a 50-year-old history of KSOS. He also provided ideas for arranging the space. Going to the premises allowed to confront the concepts with the real place. The main role was not played by the maps and models but by the site inspection – most of the groups took a walk around KSOS. Some could verify the findings they already came up with and others could specify their ideas and strengthen the conviction that this 500-metre-long area along Powstania Warszawskiego avenue could become a really interesting and friendly place.

Also this time, the inhabitants of Grzegórzki came to talk about their uncertainty and problems they have to face. The doubts considered mostly the recent eradication of the last lawns and cutting down last trees that grew next to the busy thoroughfare, which resulted in lack of shade and tranquillity in the city centre. Other doubts were raised by legal status of the site, by administrative procedures necessary to implement the plans and by security measures that must be implemented in the area, for example next to courts and developed office buildings. Thanks to the tutors’ advice, as well as the organisers and city authorities’ explanations, we found the answers at least to a couple of those difficult questions.

Romuald Loegler emphasised that green area and calming the traffic are the future of big cities, and participatory design is a great chance to force the ideas of the area’s users. Grzegorz Stawowy, the Head of the Spatial Planning & Environment Protection Commission at the Cracow City Council, explained the issues related to legal situation of the area and to the participation of the city in the Superścieżka project.