/ WORKSHOPS 13.06.2015

Summary workshops – official closing, 13th of May 2015

Over 60 people took part in the meeting – most of them have been involved in the project from the beginning. There were also city authorities. Ewa Olszowska-Dej, the Director of the Environment Division in the Cracow City Hall, said that participatory design is the future of design in difficult areas such as the east side of Powstania Warszawskiego avenue. Thanks to technology, Elżbieta Koterba, a Vice-President of Cracow, responsible for the city development, could express her gratitude to all of the participants and tutors. She declared administrative and content-related support from the city authorities at various stages of the project. Grzegorz Stawowy also emphasised his personal involvement in the project.

The fourth workshop was dedicated to finalising details and rehearsing the presentation of ideas by different groups. Most of the concepts were complex – providing a homogenous structure, matching the common denominator of various spatial forms and art works. There were also references to literature. Very popular was the idea of water that would revive the concrete area of offices and institutions. A footbridge was also a very poplar concept in nearly all of the groups.

Marta Dobrzańska from a Berlin design firm ST raum, delivered an interesting and inspiring lecture by comparing Superścieżka to similar projects in Wiesbaden and Wolfsburg. Finishing those project provided an impulse to develop the main communication arteries of the cities. We must have hope that a similar scenario will be enacted in Cracow.